Why Baby Foody?

Families are busier than ever and are looking for ways to simplify and add time back to their lives.  The average Canadian spent over $2500 on eating out last year.  Add to that nearly $1,000 for food delivery services, it is easy to see that saving time in the kitchen is important to families.  

However, none of those dollars spent help families alleviate any of the stress that comes with the meal planning, meal prep or cooking to feed a baby.  Introducing solids to a baby generally means added trips to the grocery store, buying speciality appliances, cooking and blending food just for them.  Not to mention trying to find a way to add variety to a little ones diet.  We know from experience that when you buy, cook and puree a squash for baby, that is likely what they are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

Baby Foody is here to solve the challenges of feeding your baby by taking the stress out of it for parents and caregivers by offering a variety of flavors to enjoy week to week. 


Did you know?

Store bought baby foods tend to have more sugar, sodium and less fibre than homemade.

Even though babies already get enough Vitamin C from their diet through breast milk, formula and natural fruits and veggies, Vitamin C is added as a preservative to extend the shelf life of store bought food. This process is part of what gives store bought food its grey tinge. Note the color difference between store bought peas on the left and Baby Foody peas on the right.

When it comes to store bought baby food, most experts agree the main advantage for parents is the convenience. An overwhelming majority of these experts recommend only using store bought in moderation and when needed.

A CEO for a store bought brand stated that homemade food is best. Their food is available to parents as an option when they are “in a bind” and they are unable to make food at home.

Many paediatric health experts recommend introducing baby food without any processing, herbs or spices. This helps to ensure that babies get accustomed to the taste of real food, helping them to be healthier, less picky eaters later in life. That is why you will only find fresh fruits and veggies on our menu.  

Baby Foody gives parents the convenience they need without having to compromise the health benefits and nutrition of many of the other options available on the market.

Our Baby Foody guarantee is that our food leaves our commercial kitchen and is delivered to your doorstep the same day. 


Because bright smiles deserve bright foods!